About us

Gail Haywood - Trainer


Having ridden ponies since the age of 5 and being obsessed with horse racing before then, Gail started to ride out at the age of 13, for renowned horseman and trainer Neil Kernick (son of the legendary Sid Kernick, who has recently been described on Channel 4 Racing by Sir Mark Prescott   as "..a genius").


Taking Mr Kernick's advice to gain as much experience as possible and to learn as much as possible from as many different people as she could, Gail has ridden out and worked for over 13 different trainers over a 25 year period and rode Point to Pointing whilst studying at University.


For two seasons Gail was Senior Work Rider for Mr Paul Keane at Conkwell Grange. This also found her travelling to the races, when the horses ran and acting as Second Assistant. In this time she learnt an extraordinary amount and gained valuable experience from a very successful Trainer.


After a relocation to Dartmoor in 2004 Gail started as Work Rider for  Mr Victor Dartnall, again learning a vast amount, and later took on the role of Racing Secretary. This has given her valuable experience of paperwork side of Racing and how to run the business side of a Racing Yard.


In 2007 Gail relinquished her position as Racing Secretary to Mr Dartnall to fulfill a lifetime's ambition to train her own horses and GGH racing was born.


Now in its seventh season GGH Racing has gone from strength to strength, with the granting of a Full National Hunt Licence in 2014. In 2014 our winning strike rate was 25%.